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Iterative Innovation in the Large Scale Pilots. Start-ups, SMEs and the Open Calls

Emerging IoT Research and Development
4:15 PM, Thursday 7 Jun 2018 (1 hour 45 minutes)

The European Commission has invested €100 M in the IoT European Large-Scale Pilots Programme to drive European leadership in the Internet of Things across Health, Agriculture and Food, Cities, Autonomous vehicles and Active Aging.

The pilots will foster the deployment of IoT solutions in Europe through integration of advanced IoT technologies across the value chain, demonstration of multiple IoT applications at scale and in a usage context, and as close as possible to operational conditions.

These are targeted, goal driven initiatives that propose IoT approaches to specific real-life industrial/societal challenges. They involve stakeholders from supply side to demand side, and contain all the technological and innovation elements, the tasks related to the use, application and deployment as well as the development, testing and integration activities.

This workshop will employ combine ICT and Artistic methodologies to explore how the IoT deployments can be accessed by SMEs, looking at practical barriers and drivers of adoption.

Target audience:

  •  SMEs wishing to explore IoT technologies developed within the LSPs and how they can be integrated into their business processes and markets
  • Members of consortia from the Large Scale Pilots seeking to understand how the technologies developed can be adopted more widely by non-partner SMEs


The overall aim is to bring LSP and SMEs together to explore the opportunities for further adoption, beyond the pilot life-cycle, stimulating innovation and defining the business rational that will drive IoT adoption in SMEs.

Board Member of the AIOTI, Founder of the IoT Tribe and CEO of BluSpecs