WATIFY: Awareness Raising Campaign for the Modernization of Europe´s Industry

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Tuesday Jun 05   02:00 PM to 02:20 PM (20 minutes)

The WATIFY campaign is an initiative, funded by the EC, to support the implementation of actions on digital entrepreneurship, and digital transformation of industry and enterprises, in particular SMEs, as well as the implementation of the European strategy to boost the industrial deployment of Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) in Europe.

The campaign is aimed at boosting technological transformation through digitization and the uptake of advanced technologies. It specifically targets SMEs, notably in manufacturing, healthcare, finance and creative industries as well as mechanical engineering, construction, tourism, retail and agro-food, which can drive economic and/or social value by creating and using novel digital and advanced technologies. WATIFY also aims at bringing together regional and local stakeholders and authorities in order to help them translate their policies and priorities in KETs and digital transformation in projects and initiatives that can serve the purpose of accelerating SME’s digitization.

Through the campaign,

  • SMEs should become better aware of the potential of digital transformation and gain confidence in the application and added value of digital technologies, business processes and new business models.

  • Regional policy makers should be stimulated to work together with their business and with other regions to launch and implement joint projects on technological transformation and the uptake of digital and advanced technologies, notably KETs, including in the framework of the Smart Specialization Platform for Industrial Modernization.

Additionally, the campaign is identifying and documenting a pool of business success stories highlighting the challenges and benefits that individual companies and their industry have faced in their technological transformation process. This includes local examples of good business cases focusing on smaller, dynamic and innovative enterprises, including start-ups and potential entrepreneurs, from established manufacturing and services industries as well as from new emerging industries.

The presentation will focus on how Digital Transformation is essential for any business by giving inspiring examples of successful digital transformation initiatives, how it can bring business opportunities to companies and regions and how interested parties can benefit from the WATIFY initiative. The content will emphasize on the promotion of technological transformation stories featuring innovative business models, good practice cases and lessons learned, to raise the interest of participants, as for the focus of the event, successful IoT initiatives and projects will be presented.

WATIFY also aims to promote opportunities offered by different European instruments and highlight the role of regions and cities as leaders for the modernization of their industry, including the involvement of businesses and cross-regional collaboration on smart specialization.

At the end of the presentation we intend to encourage the audience to talk about their own digital situation, how they have overcome issues and identify possible collaborations.

The WATIFY campaign is being promoted and supported through a dedicated website (watify.eu) and through extensive use of social media, notably WATIFY Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
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