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AIOTI WG2 Innovation Ecosystems Masterclass: Learn with and from the Bilbao IoT Ecosystem

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2:30 PM, Thursday 7 Jun 2018 (1 hour 30 minutes)
Emerging IoT Research and Development
Representatives of one or two IoT hubs/clusters/ecosystems will be invited and asked to share its  authentic experience. The speaker will be asked to structure the presentation around a set of pre-defined questions (to be refined): 

  • Brief general presentation: date of creation, history (any previous cluster or hub), strategic roadmap, the local context. 
  • What is the composition of the ecosystem: large companies, SMEs, start-ups, research, public institutions, financial bodies…. 
  • What types of SMEs are present and what is their position with respect to large companies? With respect to research? What actors are missing or not sufficiently active? 
  • How is trust developed around the ecosystem? What are the mechanisms enabling or hampering trust throughout the network? 
  • What is the situation with start-up creation? 
  • What actors drive the ecosystem (public bodies, large companies, research, SMEs, start-ups…)? 
  • What is the status of access to knowledge at EC-level: LSPs, DIH, PPPs, AIOTI? 
  • Is there cross-domain collaboration to nurture innovation (i.e. IoT & big data, IoT & social sciences, IoT & design and art) 
  • Is there collaboration with end-users to ensure acceptance/appropriation? 
  • The achievements the initiative is most proud of and the major challenges it is facing 

My Session Status

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