Visit to IK4-TEKNIKER (free of charge)

Networking Events
10:00 AM, Friday 8 Jun 2018 (4 hours)
Tekniker - Tekniker

Tekniker outside

10.00am: Pick up at Euskalduna Palace and transfer to IK4-TEKNIKER

10:45am-11.00pm: Coffee-Break

11.00am-13.00pm: Visit IK4-TEKNIKER

IK4-TEKNIKER is a non-for-profit Research & Innovation entity whose mission is to contribute to the companies competitiveness. IK4-TEKNIKER is being very active in everything related to the industry digitization and the increasing connectivity machine2machine, machine2humans,  machine2workshop, whorshop2factory and factory2value chain (including the final customer). Visitants will have the opportunity of seeing some demonstrations implying sensoring, wireless networks, maintenance, artificial intelligence and big data applied in different sectors and particular solutions

13.00pm: bus will transfer you back to Bilbao

DEADLINE to register: 25th of May

 *Minimum group, 20 people