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SAREF4CITY Validation Workshop (Part III)

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4:45 PM, Monday 4 Jun 2018 (1 hour 45 minutes)
IoT and Smart Cities

SAREF is a reference ontology for the Internet of Things that has been published as an ETSI Technical Specification and includes dedicated extensions to specific domains (currently energy, buildings and environment). In 2017, a Specialist Task Force (STF) was requested by ETSI and the European Commission to further extend SAREF to new domains, including Smart Cities ( The STF will result, among others, in an ETSI Technical Report that describes the requirements for the extension of SAREF to Smart Cities (final draft planned for June 2018) and an ETSI Technical Specification that specifies the extension itself (final draft planned for February 2019).

To that end, the STF team initiated a number of interactions with relevant stakeholders in the smart city domain with the goal of 1) creating awareness about the STF and 2) collecting background information and requirements to be used to develop the SAREF extension.

In the smart city domain, the team has elaborated a considerable number of requirements by performing a reverse engineering process on existing standards, data models, ontologies, and data sets.

Before the publication of the Technical Report with the requirements, the STF team is carrying out different initiatives to validate such requirements with different stakeholders, such as this workshop that will take place on June 4th, from 11:15 to 18:00 during the IoT Week at Bilbao.

The workshop will be of a practical nature and is open to everyone interested in the representation of smart city data using ontologies. And its goal is to validate the current requirements of the SAREF extension for smart cities.

Work will start with a brief presentation of the SAREF extension for smart cities and its requirements, and the idea is to end the workshop with a curated set of requirements that support the different use cases in the Smart Cities domain and that can be taken as input for the SAREF extension. The workshop’s participants are encouraged to submit their own use cases to the organizers in advance, so that use cases from participants can be integrated in the working materials. To make the workshop interactive, participants will be divided into groups in which we will analyse the coverage of the current requirements to the selected use cases.

To express your interest in attending the workshop please fill the following form in: note that there are limited places.

*Please note that this form only shows your interest in attending the SAREF4CITY workshop. It is not an official registration for the IoT week, that should be done in addition to this expression of interest through the following link

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