Study Trip to Smart Santander (full day)

Networking Events
9:30 AM, Friday 8 Jun 2018 (6 hours 30 minutes)
Santander City - Santander City

A combined visit to Santander Smart City Demonstration Center, to the R&D lab at University of Cantabria and to Santander street level to see deployments.


09.30am: Pick up at Euskalduna Palace and transfer to SANTANDER 

Study trip to Smart Santander:

OrganiCIty workshop:

 10:45am-11.30am: Visit to Santander Smart City Demonstration Center


 11.00am-12.30pm: How Can We Solve Urban Chanllenges Through City Experimentation?(Aula 3, Caballerizas, Palacio de la Magdalena. Santander)

 11.30am-12.15pm: Visit to University of Cantabria premises. Network planning and mobile communications Lab.

12.15pm-13.00pm: Visit to Santander Smart City at Street level 

13.00pm-15.00pm: Lunch-time (each participant will cover his/her own lunch). 

15.00pm: bus will transfer you back to Bilbao 

*Maximum group, 20 people