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Martin Bauer

Senior Standardization Engineer
NEC Laboratories Europe
Participates in 1 Session

Dr. Martin Bauer is a Senior Standardization Engineer in the Data Ecosystems Standardization group at the NEC Laboratories Europe (NLE) in Heidelberg, Germany. He received his MSc in Computer and Information Science from the University of Oregon, USA, in 1998, and both his Dipl. Inf. and his doctorate degree from the University of Stuttgart, Germany, in 2000 and 2007 respectively. In 2005 he joined the NEC Laboratories Europe (NLE), where he has been working on context and IoT related research projects as well as standardization activities in the same areas. He is working on the European IoT projects and is active in standardization activities, in particular the standardization of NGSI-LD in ETSI ISG CIM. Martin Bauer is a personal member of the FIWARE Foundation and currently serves as a member of the Technical Steering Committee (TSC). Recently, he started working on Data Space related activities and has become a member of the Gaia-X architecture working group. Furthermore, he is the AIOTI WG03 sub-group chair for the semantic interoperability topic.

Sessions in which Martin Bauer participates