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Marco Carugi

Senior Consultant
Participates in 1 Session

Marco Carugi works as senior consultant on advanced ICTs and associated standardization, engaged with customers (NEC Corporation since Jan 2015) on service and network requirements and architectures, defence and promotion of customers' interests in international standardization, education and advising on standardization strategy.   

Technical areas of current involvement include Internet of Things/M2M, Future Networks (IMT-2020/5G), SDN and NFV, Big Data and AI, Cloud Computing.

He has professional experience in R&D and technology strategy, and he has worked in different market roles (Telecommunication Engineer in the Solvay group, Research Engineer in Orange Labs, Senior Advisor in Nortel Networks CTO division and Senior Expert in ZTE R&D Technology Strategy department).

Marco is active in standardization since long time, leading standards specifications in different domains (NGN, IoT/M2M, Big Data, IMT2020) and holding numerous leadership positions (incl. ITU-T SG13 Vice-Chair, ITU-T Rapporteur in four study periods, ITU-T FG M2M Service Layer Vice-Chair, ITU-T FG Cloud Computing WG Chair, OIF Board member, IETF Provider Provisioned VPN WG co-Chair).

In the current 2017-2020 ITU-T study period, he serves as ITU-T SG20 Mentor and Rapporteur for Question 2 ["Requirements, capabilities and use cases across verticals"], as well as ITU-T SG13 Mentor and Associate Rapporteur for Question 20 ["IMT-2020: Network requirements and functional architecture"].  He also plays ITU-T Liaison Officer roles, incl. SG20 Liaison Officer to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC41, to JCA-IMT-2020, to CITS (Collaboration on ITS Communication Standards) and to/from the Alliance for IoT Innovation (AIOTI) (WG03 on IoT standardization). Since Q3 2017, he is also leading the Use Cases and General Requirements analysis activity within the ITU-T Focus Group on “Data Processing and Management to support IoT and Smart Cities & Communities” and is acting as a co-leader of the High Level Architecture group within AIOTI WG03. He is also active participant in the ITU-T Focus Group on “Machine Learning for Future Networks including 5G”.

He is author of standards specifications, papers and articles (IEEE magazines and others), co-author of the IoT European Research Cluster (IERC) yearly books, and regular speaker in international and regional conferences and workshops.

Marco holds an Electronic Engineering degree in Telecommunications from University of Pisa (Pisa, Italy), a M.S. in Engineering and Management of Telecommunication Networks from National Institute of Telecommunications (Evry, France) and a Master in International Business Development from ESSEC Business School (Paris, France).  He has also completed an Executive Program on Big Data Science at Ecole Centrale (Paris, France).

Sessions in which Marco Carugi participates

Friday 3 September, 2021

Time Zone: (GMT+01:00) Brussels