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Ms. Codrina Lauth

Owner and Founder
Lauth transmedia GmbH
Participates in 1 Session

Codrina has accomplished her Master Degree(M.A.) in CompLing/NLP from Univ. Mainz, TU Braunschweig and techn. journalism (PresbyCollege, USA). She has worked as researcher in Text/Web Mining, Data Analytics, served as EU project coordinator for applied AI (incl. ML/KDubiq/KD2U/IOT) in Fraunhofer IAIS (2002-2013). In 2014, she joined as industrial PHD Fellow the Digitalization Dept at CBS and worked as services & products development engineer (Digital Innovation) in Grundfos Tech. & Innovation Dept. on designing digitalization strategies with IMPACT-driven industrial hackathons. Recently, Ina has joined the BMSE-Group ( in the Bavarian Applied AI Institute (www.fortiss .org) TUM to work on BMI, Design Thinking & Applied AI-Prototyping Methodologies using IMPACT hackathons.

Sessions in which Ms. Codrina Lauth participates