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Liu Shucheng

Strategy & Industry Development
Participates in 1 Session
Dr. LIU currently serves as Industry Development Director in Data Communication Network Area at Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd. His research interests include Network AI, NFV/SDN, ICN, IPv6 and IoT. He is responsible for industry standard activity in Network AI and IPv6 related area. He has been actively contributing in organizations of standards and technical professional. He served as Co-founder and Technical Manager of ETSI ISG ENI, Vice-Chairman of ETSI ISG IP6, Secretary of IRTF SDNRG, Member of IETF OPS area Directorates, key Proponent of IETF SUPA WG, Author of 9 RFCs, Rapporteur of 1 work item in ETSI; Guest Editors of Special Issue on Intelligent Network Management in IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering, NFV Special Issue in IEEE Network Magazine and Architecture For Next Generation Wireless Networks Special Issue in IEEE Communications Magazine, and Referees/TPCs for several conferences and journals in computer networking area. As the Vice-Chairman and previous sectary of ETSI ISG IP6, the core team of IPv6 development and practice, he published one important group report GR IP6 006 Generic migration steps from IPv4 to IPv6, which summarized the migration guidance for IPv6 deployment. He also co-authored one white paper ETSI WP35 IPv6 Best Practices Benefits Transition Challenges and the Way Forward, summarized the IPv6 practice and look the way forward. He made efforts in steering this core group to make it more influence, reviewing the documents, inviting more member to join the group as well as set up webinars to promote the group deliverables.

Sessions in which Liu Shucheng participates