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John Lee

Internet Associates
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John is a business man, technical executive and serial entrepreneur who started seven technology companies over his career. He received a BS-ICS (Information and Computer Science) from Georgia Institute of Technology and was lead inventor and holds eight patents on automated IP (Internet Protocol) address lifecycle management technology (IPALM) which manages IPv6 and IPv4 blocks (of addresses) on a per ASN basis. He is currently the Chair of the IPv6 Committee of the ACT-IAC (American Council for Technology – Industry Advisory Council) Network and Technology CoI and was appointed to the Federal IPv6 Task Force Executive Committee as their ACT-IAC Liaison. One of John’s most crucial contributions to the IPv6 field were his experience and observations that a single address per row, database or spreadsheet style IPv4 address management system would not work with the massive IPv6 address ranges, so a new architecture was required (IP Address Block based) which he and his team began developing in 2002 and brought to market in 2003. John with his two partners started Internet Associates, a software development and systems integration company, to develop the first modern GUI based, fully automated IPAM system that would support IPv6 and IPv4 address blocks per ASN and could support any DNS and DHCP system in the market. In 2005 John was appointed to the North American IPv6 Task Force as the SME on IPAM and he also joined a loose coalition of Federal employees and task force members in discussing IPv6 adoption by the Federal Government. This effort was enhanced by the publishing of the second IPv6 adoption memo, in 2005, to demonstrate IPv6 traffic transiting Agency IPv6 backbones, which was to be completed by 2008. He was contracted by the IRS to support their effort and they were the first civilian agency to both to setup an IPv6 lab for protocol testing and complete their backbone demonstration. Around 2008 the coalition transitioned to the Federal IPv6 Task Force which then submitted several IPv6 specific clauses to the FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations) and produced in concert with ACT-IAC the first Planning Guide/Roadmap Toward IPv6 Adoption within the US Government with John making a small contribution to the document. After the 2010 OMB IPv6 memo was published, John lead the team of IPv6 experts that produced the updated 2012 Planning Guide Roadmap document and was the lead author and primary editor on the effort. During the later half of 2019 the Federal IPv6 Task Force Executive Committee, under the direction of the Federal CIO Ms. Suzette Kent, began to formalize a policy of completing the transition of all federal networks to IPv6 only, for a number of operational, security and performance reasons. In December of 2019, the Government received input from various commercial entities, service providers, Federal Agencies and SMEs on their plans for federal networks. In March of 2020 the Draft Memo was released for public comment, those comments were reviewed and some incorporated into the text and OMB Memo M-21-07 was published on November 19, 2020.

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Thursday 2 September, 2021

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