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Chongfeng Xie

China Telecom
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Chongfeng Xie, a senior researcher in China Telecom Research Institute,technical director of IPv6 research and development in China Telecom.His research interests include network architecture and protocols, IPv6/SRv6, software-defined network (SDN), Network Function Virtualization(NFV), network modeling, etc.He received Ph.D. degree in electronic engineering from Tsinghua University, China. He was a visiting scholar at Internet Research Lab (IRL) in University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), in 2009. He has been in IPv6 field for nearly 20 years and been engaged a series of IPv6 trial and deployment projects of China Telecom,such as CNGI-1(yY. 2003), CNGI-2(Y.2012), and IPv6 wide deployment during the last 3 years. His Pv6 endeavor covers IP metro network, 4G/5G mobile, IDC, IOT and cloud computing,etc. Due to the efforts of he and his team, the IPv6 users of China Telecom has reached 370 Million(Stats of July 2020), up to now, IPv6 has been an universal enabler of China Telecom's network. He is also a active propellent of IPv6 in China. On IPv6, he has been involved in IPv6 standards of network transition and automation, has published 4 Internet RFCs(RFC7269,RFC8328,RFC8466,RFC8658) and subnmitted 10 drafts. He has been a member of the design team of Compressed SRv6 in IETF. In addition, he is the vice-chair of ETSI IP6 ISG and paticipated in a several group reports and whitepaper, including the recently pusblished whitepaper of ¡°IPv6 Best Practices, Benefits, Transition Challenges and the Way Forward".

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