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5:45 PM, Tuesday 31 Aug 2021 (1 hour)

The IoT, edge and cloud computing technologies are likely to be global by design. A technology that is developed by focusing only the specific requirements of a regional market may face difficulties to be globally adopted. International collaboration allows researchers to exchange knowledge and combine perspectives to solve challenging problems, often of transversal nature. Nowadays, with a growing number of global challenges such as climate change, infectious diseases, energy and sustainable agriculture, to name a few, engagement and collaboration with other regions of the world has never been more important. In seeking to mobilise other stakeholders from other regions of the world, European researchers gain access to additional resources, tools and information, which consequently results in improved research quality and work efficiency.

In the context of this session, we analyse the IoT, edge, cloud ecosystem, both from the European and US sides and discuss the complementarities and opportunities between both continents. The purpose of this session is to identifies areas of collaboration which can mutually benefit stakeholders on both sides of the globe, as well as means to cross-fertilise the efforts in the IoT, edge, cloud domain.

My Session Status

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