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2:00 PM, Wednesday 1 Sep 2021 (1 hour)
Digital technologies are both defining the present and the future of agriculture. The extensive deployment of IoT devices provides access to an important amount of data that can support agriculture, not only across all levels of production, but also at the decision-making level. Nevertheless, a lot of challenges remain to be addressed to improve the impact of digital transformation in the sector. In many regions of the world, the first obstacle is still the digital divide between technology and users, which leads to poor utilization of the developed technological solutions. Many questions arise: How to convince the farmers to adopt digital technologies? How to reach less digitalized areas? How to address data ownership and usage concerns? How do we cope with connectivity problems? How can we ensure interoperability between platforms and systems and avoid lock-in situations? How can we foster data sharing if trusted environments are still to be created and stakeholders do not perceive the value but the risk in doing

so? Different solutions and approaches in the domain as well as use cases will be shared and discussed openly with the audience. 

My Session Status

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