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From Cloud to Edge to IoT for European Data

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2:00 PM, Tuesday 31 Aug 2021 (1 hour)

As data becomes the new oil of the economy and a key asset to address societal challenges like mobility, energy, carbon-neutral cities and manufacturing, the EU must strive for a leading position in the data economy and cannot afford to have the data of its businesses, public sector and citizens stored and exploited from largely outside its borders. A strategy for on World-leading Data and Computing Technology is at the heart of the European policy strategy for Europe’s Digital Decade: Digital Targets 2030, as well as a central part of the research and innovation programme under Horizon Europe Cluster 4 Destination 3.

In this context, please check the forthcoming session on IoT Market Perspectives on Data Economy by AIOTI today at 15:15-16:15.

Today, 80% of the processing and analysis of data takes place in data centres and centralised computing facilities, and 20% in smart connected objects; more than 70% of IoT revenues are cloud-centric. In the future, this trend will be reverse: 80% of data will be processed close to the objects – at the (far) edge – where data is generated. Edge computing is exploiting advances in ICT with embedded AI towards highly decentralised intelligence whilst moving decisions to the point of interest.

In line with Europe’s data, green, and industrial strategies, to capitalise on the paradigm shift to the edge, the focus under Horizon Europe’s Cluster 4 ‘From Cloud to Edge to IoT’ is to be on the development and deployment of the next-generation IoT, computing components, systems, and platforms that enable the transition to a compute continuum with strong capacities at the edge, in an energy-efficient and trustworthy manner.

This session will present opportunities under Horizon Europe and discuss key elements to establish competitive European supply and value chains in cloud to edge computing to IoT and tactile internet by integrating relevant elements of ICT, connectivity, IoT, AI and cybersecurity.

The format of the session will be the following:

  1. Max Lemke – ‘Introduction from cloud to edge to Iot to European Data’
  2. Haydn Thompson - THHINK Group - Conclusions from the IoT and Edge Computing Strategy Forum
  3. Rolf Riemenschneider – Open Call on Meta- Operating Systems for the Edge
  4. Q&A Session

Background documents:

·HORIZON-CL4-2021-DATA-01-05: Future European platforms for the Edge: Meta Operating Systems

o All information about the call can be found here.

· Horizon EuropeInfoDays Cluster 4 on 29-30 June 2021
à Topics recordings:From Cloudto Edgeto IoT

· Next-Generation IoT and Edge Computing Strategy Forum on 22 April 2021: event report

· Alliance AIOTI Strategic Foresight: IoT and Edge ComputingConvergence

· NGIoT report on IoT and Edge Computing Opportunities for Europe

Ongoing: Brokerage Platform ‘From Cloud to Edge to IoT’ – open for registration.

My Session Status

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