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AI & Edge for Industrial IoT

3:45 PM, Friday 3 Sep 2021 (1 hour)


Artificial intelligence and industrial internet of things, IIoT, are enablers for digitising industries. The progress in technology delivers more intelligence at the edge that empowers IIoT devices with smarter decision-making, high performance, low power processing, and built-in security to create more intelligent and adaptive industrial applications. This session aims to present the research and development results related to the deployment of AI technologies implemented in different industrial sector applications and deployed under conditions as close as possible to real life. The presentations focus on intelligent technologies across industries such as automotive, semiconductor, machinery, food & beverage, and transportation.           Josip Josifovski (TUM)  "Deep Reinforcement Learning Used in Trajectory Optimisation for Industrial Robots in Automotive Manufacturing" 

  1. Mathias Schneider (OTH)  " Open Traffic Data for Mobility-as-a-Service Applications" 
  2. Mario Diaz Nava (STMicroelectronics) "AI-based Devices for Edge applications" 
  3. Ovidiu Vermesan (SINTEF) " AI and IIoT-based Predictive Maintenance Solutions for Industrial Processes" 
Chief Scientist
ST Microelectronics
Technical University of Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden
Research Assistant
Technical University of Munich