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Drivers and Barriers for Adoption of Digital Platforms

IoT Market Challenges and Opportunities: Leadership and Business Innovation2. IoT Markets and Applications in Industry, Agriculture & Smart Communities
2:30 PM, Monday 20 Jun 2022 (1 hour 15 minutes)
Croke Park Conference Centre - Hogan Mezzanine 2

Nowadays, industries face tremendous challenges in the months and years ahead. Complex value chains, highly competitive markets, evolving customer and citizen needs, supply chain disruptions, foreign trade uncertainty, environmental sustainability and social impact, and now the COVID-19 pandemic are common challenges that organisations from every industry, from manufacturing to healthcare, energy, financial services, etc., deal with on a daily basis. 

Scaling up digital ecosystems will require software platforms to deliver scale and speed, as well as federate data from connected products, assets, people, and processes. In fact, industrial ecosystems need an orchestrator for the ecosystem to integrate several players and parts of the ecosystem. B2B platforms, act as an orchestrator for ecosystems. In the other words, industrial ecosystems need B2B platforms to scale. According to IDC, B2B platforms as virtual environments facilitating the exchange and connection of data between different organisations through a shared reference architecture and common governance rules.

However uptake of digital platforms in different domain is not straightforward. Despite of several driving factors that encourage adoption of platforms from market and accelerate the uptake, there are several barriers that hurdle the deployment.

This panel organized by OPEN DEI, aims at discussing the drivers and barriers for adoption of digital platforms across domains such as manufacturing, healthcare, energy and agrifood as well as providing a cross-domain vision on the topic. OPEN DEI is a CSA project that supports the digital transformation of the Energy, Manufacturing, Agri-Food and Health & Care domains through technology Driven Digital Transformation and business-driven digital transformation. In particular Task Force 4 of OPEN DEI has generated a pool of experts to discuss and generate a vision on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities ad threats of digital platforms and methods to assess their business impacts.

Consulting Director
Consulting Manager
Suite5 Data Intelligence Solutions
Business Development Director at Suite5 Data Intelligence Solutions
Martel Innovate
CEO Martel Innovate & President Digital for Planet
E.ON Energy Research Center
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Politecnico di Milano
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European Commission
Policy Officer, Internet of Things Unit, DG CONNECT
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