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Data Spaces: Common data models for Energy, Home, Mobility

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9:00 AM, Wednesday 22 Jun 2022 (1 hour 30 minutes)
IoT Market Challenges and Opportunities: Leadership and Business Innovation2. IoT Markets and Applications in Industry, Agriculture & Smart Communities

The European Commission is preparing an Action Plan on the Digitalisation of Energy (DoEAP), to be published in autumn 2022. Digitalisation is a prerequisite and allows to the efficient and effective operation of the energy system and energy markets. 

The data includes metering data, data from consumers such as home appliances, building automation, EV charging stations, or prosumers PV panel & inverters. Its availability and timely sharing and use among the relevant players is key for the energy transition. 

Data exchange is crucial for emerging energy data services in a digital energy market and will help suppliers and energy service providers to innovate and cope with an increasing share of renewables in a more decentralised energy system. 

The concept of Energy Data Spaces will be tackled as a pillar of the DoEAP. These concepts allow orchestration of data access across different market actors like TSOs, DSOs, aggregators and other energy service providers. As a baseline for a data space, the data and technology components must be built on formal or pre-normative standards, stakeholder driven, interoperable and open. Systems can interoperate only if they share the same semantic definitions of data, for example, a common ontology like SAREF. Definitions for semantic annotations, metadata and a data model should be open and harmonised across different system suppliers.

The session will address key issues of data exchange, reflect on existing concepts of data formats and data standards in different sectors like buildings, mobility and energy and reflect on how to facilitate data sharing across these sectors based on a common data framework.

My Session Status

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