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Green and Digital Transition: Sustainable IoT and Energy Efficiency at the Edge by CONNECT

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1:45 PM, Wednesday 22 Jun 2022 (1 hour 15 minutes)
Next Generation IoT: Emerging Technologies1. Next-Generation IoT, Research and Cross-Atlantic Cooperation

Rolf Riemenschneider (European Commission) – EU perspective challenges related to performing processing in the cloud.  The need to move processing to the edge where possible for latency, energy efficiency, security reasons (alleviate load on the cloud). 

Michael Hayes (Tyndall National Institute) “Power IoT challenges and opportunities (related to IoT wireless edge devices)” 

Focus on energy efficiency applications more than others but still mention all. Explain importance of power IoT ecosystem and getting all stakeholders to ‘think about power’ from early conceptual stages in selecting components, architecture, how where and when we process data, to maximise battery life, ensuring standardisation and interoperability of HW & SW.

Valeria Nico (University of Limerick) - “Vibrational Energy Harvesting Opportunity”

Daniela Iacopino (Tyndall National Institute)  - “Materials Sustainability”

Paul Geoghegan (Net Feasa) - Use case for tracking and condition monitoring of dry containers.

My Session Status

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