Gert Döring

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Gert Döring originally studied physics, but even while still in his study years he discovered his interest and passion for the Internet and made his hobby to be his profession. In May 1997 he discovered IPv6 and since then travels across Europe as an evangelist for IPv6 and fights against “legacy IP”

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Mercredi 7 juin, 2017

Fuseau horaire: (GMT+01:00) Paris
2:00 PM
2:00 PM

International Conference Centre of Geneva (CICG) - Room 18

Eric Vyncke, Cisco Systems (Participant.e)

Joe Klein, CISSP - Disrupt 6 (Participant.e)

Gert Döring, Netmaster (Modérateur.rice)

Manuel Schweizer, AG/SwissIX Internet Exchange (Participant.e)

Julian Dömer, Swisscom (Participant.e)

Patrick Wetterwald, Cisco (Participant.e)