Andrea Siviero

Research Manager / Leader
IDC's Customer Insights & Analysis Group / IDC European IoT Practice
Participe à 1 Session

Andrea Siviero is a Research Manager for IDC's Customer Insights & Analysis group and leader of the IDC European IoT practice, a group of more than 15 analysts developing both quantitative and qualitative research on IoT trends in Europe. He is based in Milan (Italy) and holds a joint PhD in Mathematics between the Université Bordeaux I (France) and the Universiteit Leiden (The Netherlands), which he completed under the European ALGANT project framework. 


Sessions auxquelles Andrea Siviero participe

Vendredi 9 juin, 2017

Fuseau horaire: (GMT+01:00) Paris
9:00 AM
9:00 AM
IoT Market Perspectives
1 heure, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

International Conference Centre of Geneva (CICG) - Room 2


Dimitri Konstantas, Interfaculty Computer Science Centre / Information Science Institute (ISI) of the Geneva School of Economics and Management of the University of Geneva (Modérateur.rice)

Andrea Siviero, IDC's Customer Insights & Analysis Group / IDC European IoT Practice (Participant.e)

Adriana Blanco (Potentiel.le)

Alexander Gluhak, Urban Data Collective (Potentiel.le)

Michele Pelino (Potentiel.le)

Jim Morrish, Transforma Insights (Potentiel.le)

Georges Kotrotsios, CSEM (Participant.e)

Abhishek Sharma, Beyond Evolution TechSolutions Pvt. Ltd. (Participant.e)

Jorge Rodrigues, Ericsson (Participant.e)