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IoT 4 Developing countries – IoT Inclusion & Cooperation with the South

Emerging IoT Researches and Technologies
10:00 AM, Vendredi 9 Juin 2017 (1 heure)
Coffee Break supported by SIG   10:45 AM à 11:15 AM (30 minutes)

The aim of the panel session is to discuss/debate how can IoT will promote inclusion especially in developing countries/regions. Panelists will present outstanding practices/studies/projects/initiatives of IoT for sustainable inclusion and also best practices, successful approaches, winning strategies, etc. of cooperation with developing countries/regions of the south hemisphere (both South-South and South-EU cooperation).


The main objective of the session is to identify safe paths on the application of IoT for inclusion in developing countries/regions and ways forward on the cooperation (between developing countries/regions and with the EU) to promote the development of IoT solutions that address common challenges of IoT, sustainable and inclusive living.


The format of our session is a Panel discussion where each panellist will first present views/insights/ideas after which a round table / debate will take place.

The outline programme of the panel session is the following:

1. Views of the ITU on IoT for Developing Countries, Ramy Fathi, ITU - SG20

2. Views from Asia - Marimuthu Swami Palaniswami, University of Melbourne
3. Views from Brazil - Gabriel Marão, Brazilian IoT Forum
4. Views from EU-Africa - Corentin Dupont, WAZIUP Initiative
5. Views of EPI-IoT International Collaboration Task Force - Levent Gurgen, EPI-IoT / CEA-LETI
6. Round table / Discussion


Please note that the panel is the continuation / 2nd part of the 'IoT 4 Developing countries' session taking place immediately after (even in the same room) as the 'Emerging IoT solutions in developing countries’ session.

Coder4africa, SENEGAL, KENYA
Brazilian IoT Forum
Ministry of Science
Director of the Department of Science, Technology and Digital Innovation & Deputy Secretary
Sectorial Manager
ITU - International Telecommunication Union
Vice Chairman of the ITU-T Study Group 20 (SG20)
University of Melbourne
Professor of Electrical Engineering and Director/Convener of Sensor Networks and Information Processing (ISSNIP)
Woelab (fablab) ,Lome , TOGO
University Gaston Berger of Saint-Louis
Full Professor
WAZIUP Initiative
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