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IoT Workshop on Energy and Home Confort

9:00 AM, Jeudi 8 Juin 2017 (1 heure 45 minutes)
Coffee Break supported by SIG   10:45 AM à 11:15 AM (30 minutes)
Workshop in IoT for Home Comfort and Energy Management
The sharing economy, i.e. the use of digital platforms, Apps, portals etc., facilitated around € 30 billion transactions. Today it is dominated by peer-to-peer accommodation (like AirBnB), transportation (like UBER, car-sharing) or on-demand household services (like Delivero),
In an increasingly digitised world, people are continuously online, moving seamlessly among the web, social media and initiating transactions across multiple devices. Despite the heterogeneity of energy consumers at home they expect a similar experience from their energy providers, and the ability to offer flexible services and intuitively navigate and perform transactions.  In parallel, energy becomes democratised and decentralised. The greater transparency and scope to utilise flexibility for energy services, enabled by internet of things, will open up opportunities to engage with the consumer and provide innovative new services.
Preparing for modern energy systems, future system solutions any energy appliance at home or in urban environments fundamentally require to be connected to the internet for remote management and so that they can be commanded to store or consume energy in real-time in response to the availability of excess energy and the needs of the grid. IoT enables a seamless integration of home appliances with related home comfort and building automation services allowing to match user expectations on digital services with the management of distributed energy across the grid. Novel architecture and concept are needed that will forge innovative partnerships between device providers / SMEs and DSOs for B2B and B2C services, to the take advantage of the opportunity of the Smart Energy in cross-vertical application areas such as eMobility, building automation and home comfort.
The workshop will focus on IoT-enabled infrastructure to forge innovative partnerships to the take advantage of the opportunity of the Smart Home and Energy management.
European Commission
Head of Sector, "Internet of Things" Unit, DG CONNECT
European Commission European Commission, DG Energy, Energy Efficiency unit, Buildings and Finance team
Policy Officer in charge of Horizon 2020 funding for Energy Efficiency (Societal Challenge 3 - Energy Efficiency part)
Chief Scientist
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