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Building Web of Things

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4:15 PM, Jeudi 8 Juin 2017 (1 heure 45 minutes)
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a hot conversation topic. Analysts call it a disruptive technology. Competing standards and technologies are appearing daily, and there are no tangible signs of a single protocol that will enable all devices, services, and applications to talk to each other seamlessly. Fortunately, there’s a great universal IoT application platform available now: the World Wide Web. Existing Web standards and tools provide an ideal substrate for connected devices and applications to exchange data, and this vision is called the Web of Things.
In this workshop we will follow the methodology that we propose in our book: "Building the Web of Things", as the book will be used for the workshop. a hands-on guide that teaches how to design and implement scalable, flexible, and industry-ready IoT solutions on the Web. We will show you how to connect various devices to the Web and how to expose their services and data over REST and WebSocket APIs. After you build a simple proof of concept app, you’ll learn a systematic methodology and architecture for connecting things to the Web, finding other things, sharing data, and composing these components to build large-scale distributed applications. The workshop will help you to take advantage of a new generation of real-time, web-connected devices and services and create the scalable applications that merge the physical and digital worlds.
More details:
* Introduction to IoT protocols and devices
* Connect electronic actuators and sensors (GPIO) to a Raspberry Pi
* Implement standard REST and Pub/Sub APIs with Node.js on embedded systems
* Learn about IoT protocols like MQTT and CoAP and integrate them to the Web of Things
* Use the Semantic Web (JSON-LD, RDFa, etc.) to discover and find Web Things
* Share Things via Social Networks to create the Social Web of Things
* Build a web-based smart home with HTTPS and WebSocket
* Compose physical mashups with EVRYTHNG, Node-RED, and IFTTT

Mr Dominique Guinard


Vlad Mihai Trifa


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