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GIoTS Workshop "Internet of Energy Neutral Things - IoENT 2017" I

4:15 PM, mercredi 7 juin 2017 (1 heure 45 minutes)

Papers selected for this session:

  • Design and energy optimization of a multifunctional IoT solution for connected bikes
  • On Limits of Constructive Interference in Backscatter Systems
  • A self-powered wireless bolt for smart critical fastener
  • Peripheral State Persistence For Transiently-Powered Systems
  • Design and Implementation of an Energy-Neutral Solar Energy System for Wireless Sensor-Actuator Nodes

Complementing the topics of IEEE Global IoT Summit 2017, this workshopwill bring together members from different research communities and industrial practitioners to systematically explore the challenges, issues and opportunities in the research, design, and engineering of energy-harvesting and energy-neutral techniques for Internet of Things.These are a technological cornerstone for future IoT applications and innovative solutions in device hardware, energy scavenging, communication protocols, energy adaptive algorithms, and power management policies are the ultimate frontiers. High quality original technical articles are solicited, describing advances in Energy Neutral IoT, enabling technologies, as well as those which describe practical deployments and implementation experiences.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

* Experiences from real-world low-power IoT applications and deployments;
* Ultra low power communications;
* Middleware support and services which support interoperability between zero-energy networks
* Low Power in Long range communication
* Power management algorithms for energy harvesting sensing systems;
* Concepts, algorithms and circuits for energy harvesting sensing systems
* Resilient energy-neutral IoT;
* IoT—Internet of (battery-less) things;
* Resource management and operating system support for energy harvesting sensing systems
* Network-wide distributed energy management (e.g. routing )
* Energy efficient communication protocols
* Ultra-low power IoT Technologies and Embedded Systems Architectures

Workshop website: http://www.ioent.org/

Organizing Committee

Dr Davide Brunelli, University of Trento, Italy (davide.brunelli@unitn.it) - main point of contact;
Dr Amy L. Murphy, FBK – Bruno Kessler Foundation, Italy (murphy@fbk.eu);
Technical Program Co-Chairs
DrMaurizio Rossi, University of Trento, Italy (maurizio.rossi@unitn.it) - main point of contact;
Publicity Co-Chairs
Dr Rajeev Kumar Piyare, FBK – Bruno Kessler Foundation, Italy
Dr Matteo Nardello, University of Trento, Italy

Technical Program Committee
Dr. Simone Benatti, UniversitàdegliStudi di Bologna, Italy
Dr Elisabetta Farella, FBK – Bruno Kessler Foundation, Italy
Dr. PietroTosato, University of Trento, Italy
Dr. Amy L. Murphy, FBK – Bruno Kessler Foundation, Italy
Prof. Emanuael Popovici, University of Cork, Ireland
Dr. Domenico Balsamo, University of Southampton, UK
Dr. Jacopo Iannacci, FBK, Italy Dr. Usman Raza, Toshiba Research Europe, IR

University of Trento
Assistant Professor
Bruno Kessler Foundation
Senior Researcher