IoT 4 Developing countries – IoT Inclusion & Cooperation with the South

Emerging IoT Researches and Technologies
vendredi 9 juin   10:00 AM à 11:00 AM (1 heure)
Coffee Break supported by SIG   10:45 AM à 11:15 AM (30 minutes)

The aim of the panel session is to discuss/debate how can IoT will promote inclusion especially in developing countries/regions. Panelists will present outstanding practices/studies/projects/initiatives of IoT for sustainable inclusion and also best practices, successful approaches, winning strategies, etc. of cooperation with developing countries/regions of the south hemisphere (both South-South and South-EU cooperation).


The main objective of the session is to identify safe paths on the application of IoT for inclusion in developing countries/regions and ways forward on the cooperation (between developing countries/regions and with the EU) to promote the development of IoT solutions that address common challenges of IoT, sustainable and inclusive living.


The format of our session is a Panel discussion where each panellist will first present views/insights/ideas after which a round table / debate will take place.

The outline programme of the panel session is the following:

1. Views of the ITU on IoT for Developing Countries, Ramy Fathi, ITU - SG20

2. Views from Asia - Marimuthu Swami Palaniswami, University of Melbourne
3. Views from Brazil - Gabriel Marão, Brazilian IoT Forum
4. Views from EU-Africa - Corentin Dupont, WAZIUP Initiative
5. Views of EPI-IoT International Collaboration Task Force - Levent Gurgen, EPI-IoT / CEA-LETI
6. Round table / Discussion


Please note that the panel is the continuation / 2nd part of the 'IoT 4 Developing countries' session taking place immediately after (even in the same room) as the 'Emerging IoT solutions in developing countries’ session.

ITU - International Telecommunication Union
Vice Chairman of the ITU-T Study Group 20 (SG20)
Brazilian IoT Forum
University of Melbourne
Professor Electrical and Electronic Engineering
R&D Project Coordinator
WAZIUP Initiative

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