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Once Upon a Blood Drive

Blood Drive
Live Event
10:00 AM, Saturday 24 Nov 2018 (6 hours 15 minutes)
Marquis 1

Once upon a time there was a Loscon in Buena Park.  And though it was right next to Knott’s Berry Farm it was sad because it couldn’t collect blood for those in need.  But then, a mighty starship from the Federation showed up, the U.S.S. Alliance, and collected blood for the American Red Cross.  And Loscon lived happily ever after.

Until one day the U.S.S. Alliance was blown up by the Borg.  But a small group survived in a lifeboat, the EarthDaughter Arts, and continued doing blood drives, following Loscon to the Burbank quadrant and finally to the LAX quadrant.  

Legend has it that if you travel to the far reaches of the Ballroom floor you can still give blood, partake in homemade cookies and juice and enter a raffle for a pair of tickets to a concert in the Pasadena Folk Music Society series for 2019, a membership to next year’s Loscon or TWO memberships to next year’s Loscon.  And if you’re lucky, you can hear your name being called out in the vastness of space during the raffle at the Saturday Night Revue.

And many patients will live happily ever after.

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