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Come Time Travel with Me: 1963 with Galactic Journey

2:30 PM, Saturday 24 Nov 2018 (1 hour 15 minutes)
Marquis 2

It is November 24, 1963, and a nation is in mourning. The death of a youthful President and the heating up of struggles in southeast Asia and the southern United States mark a harsh divide between the past and the new era.

There's a sharp transition in culture, too: The first British invasion since 1812 features mop-tops and mod suits rather red coats, but its influence will be as profound. And not just music -- the British New Wave of science fiction (and its American counterpart) are ushering in new ideas, diverse viewpoints, weirder topics. 

Color TV is the wave of the future, but even in Black and White, science fiction is a bumper crop this season: Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Dr. Who, My Favorite Martian, Fireball XL5. And Marvel's stable of superheroes has never been bigger: Spiderman, the Avengers, Dr. Strange, the Fantastic Four.

Come join Hugo finalist Galactic Journey for a whirlwind trip through time. Find out (or rediscover) what things were like in this unparalleled time of change: The films, the books, the music, the politics, the fashion -- we cover it all in an audience-driven presentation where YOUR questions determine the course.

Don't miss this unique, interactive event -- your chance to time travel! 

Galactic Journey

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