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Escape from the Temple of Xibalba!

Escape Room
Live Event
1:00 PM, Friday 23 Nov 2018 (5 hours)
Los Angeles 3 (Formerly New Orleans)
Professor Jones is missing and foul play is suspected! You are a loyal student determined to find him before it's too late. Can you find the professor and escape the temple alive? 

The Long Beach Geeks are bringing their best escape room yet to LosCon 2018. Experience an archaeologically themed escape room influenced by Central American culture. You’ll enjoy an hour-long escape room filled with many puzzles. Our costumed actors will taunt you while you struggle to escape. 

The escape room is built for teams of about 10-12 people. Sign up with your friends, or make some new ones. All participants will receive a small souvenir and photo op to commemorate the adventure. 

This room and its puzzles are designed for adults and teens and may not be appropriate for small children who would need supervision. The room may contain sudden bright lights, loud sounds, and other surprises. If you have special needs that would require accommodation, please contact us in advance.

Session 1 Signup:

Session 2 Signup:

Long Beach Geeks

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