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1966: The Year Sci-Fi got Modern

2:30 PM, domingo 28 nov 2021 (1 hour 15 minutos)
California 4 (formerly Miami)

Star Trek. Dr. Who. The Avengers. Black Panther. Batman. These are still some of the biggest names in modern science fiction fandom -- and they all got their start or a major shot in the arm in 1966.   And Galactic Journey is THERE.  It's 1966 -- the year of the Gemini, the peak of the New Wave, the height of the acid trip, the vanishing of the hemline, the jaunt into psychedelica, the tragedy of American adventurism.  Blast back 55 years with us for a look at perhaps the most formative year in science fiction history, when sci-fi went beyond propellor beanies to the masses, an inflexion year after which women and other marginalized voices started coming to the fore. When a new award, sponsored by the SFWA, joined the Hugos as the most sought. When experimental replaced traditional as the mode in written SF.  Come join the 3x Hugo finalist Galactic Journey team for a whirlwind trip through time. Find out (or rediscover) what things were like in this unparalleled time of change: The films, the books, the comics, the music, the politics, the fashion -- we cover it all in an audience-driven presentation where YOUR questions determine its course. Don't miss this unique, interactive event -- your chance to time travel!

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