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Miles (Miloslav) J. Breuer: Czech Surgeon at the Birth of American Science Fiction

2:30 PM, viernes 26 nov 2021 (1 hour 15 minutos)
California 2 (Formerly St. Louis)

One of the first writers who started publishing in Gernsback´s Amazing Stories was Miles. J. Breuer. Author of two dozens stories influenced many writers to come, including Jack Williamson, who collaborated with him on one novel and one short story. Breuer´s carreer was short, though his last story emerged in 1942, practically all of his significant works were published in a matter of four years at the turn of 1920s and 1930s. Star of the early 1930s became forgotten already in the 1950s. But his sudden appearance was not an accident, what is not known he was an avid writer since 1909 and not only in English, but also in Czech. The panel will present a new view on this influential writer, showing his early writing and also his "other" literary face, works by his Czech alter ego Miloslav J. Breuer. / Nebraska-based surgeon Miles J. Breuer was one of the first new writers, who contributed to early Hugo Gernsback´s Amazing Stories and became one of the early precursors of science fiction in the United States. What is not known is the fact that he was also writing in his native Czech, and many of his early works in Amazing where already published on the pages of Czech-American press. 

Czech Consul General in Los Angeles and also science fiction editor
Ju-Dan Technology Associates

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