Friday Mar 25   08:30 PM to 09:30 PM (1 hour)
Room 6
A decade of war has plagued Ithica. Hundreds of thousands have fallen to war, famine, and disease since the outbreak of hostilities ten years ago. The Empire has lost every major battle and the lack of manpower in the Republic means that neither side can win the war outright. 
Now, after three years of unchanging stalemate the Republic finds itself on the brink of bankruptcy. It has borrowed hard to pay its soldiers and build its war machine and despite victory after victory it has had to call the Empire to the negotiating table.
The Emperor does not want peace. He remembers the events that started the war but his council have finally persuaded him to at least hear the Republic out. Currently the Republic occupy vital imperial lands and the Empire cannot survive forever without them.
Thus, the leaders of both sides meet atop the holy mountain of Tir Sanctaidd where no weapon is allowed, a sacred condition that neither side dare break, to find a way to end a cycle of violence that could bring both nations down...

Live Action Role Play across the convention. Part I of IV.

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