The Definition of an Editor

Monday Mar 28   11:30 AM to 12:30 PM (1 hour)
Room 6
LiteratureWelcoming the Unwelcome
"An editor, without respect to genre, publication medium, market potential or previous training, is an individual who can establish a monopoly position within the minds of a sufficiently large body of contributors so that this position becomes the standard of excellence for that genre." So wrote Algis Budrys in December 1976. Certainly SF has had a tradition of editors in that mould, from John W. Campbell onwards, but is that tradition alive today, and should it be? To what extent do we want our editors to define the field on their terms, and to what extent do we want them to recognise and bring to their fullest potential the terms being set by writers (or readers)? Is there a difference between our expectations of editors of short fiction, non fiction, and novels?

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