Jodrell Bank Explores the Universe

Friday Mar 25   02:30 PM to 03:30 PM (1 hour)
Hilton Deansgate - Deansgate 3
A group of radio astronomers describe what they have seen and extrapolate to future discoveries.
* Anita Richards will give a short introduction to the telescopes used at Jodrell Bank.
* Adam Avison will describe the formation of massive stars and the impact of this on the galactic neighbourhood
* Megan Argo will describe what happens when galaxies collide, and what lies in store for the Milky Way
* Paddy Leahy will explore the largest phenomenon in the universe – the cosmic microwave background – and things that get in the way when you try to study it.
* Robert Laing will investigate the possibility of observing one of the smallest phenomena – the event horizon of black holes – and what would happen if you got too close.