Symposium 2111 - Offers and requests of Idiosyncratic Deals (I-deals): A Necessary Evil for the Rest?

Flexible work hours
Thursday May 18   11:30 AM to 01:00 PM (1 hour 30 minutes)
Accenture Theatre
Employment relations
Flexible work hours
Offers and Requests of Idiosyncratic Deals (I-deals): A Necessary Evil for the Rest?
M. Tomprou 1,*, M. Simosi 2
1Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA, United States, 2Business School, University of Roehampton, London, United Kingdom
Main Abstract Content: State of the art. I-deals refer to the negotiated arrangements between employees and their organization to ideally result in beneficial outcomes for both (Rousseau, Tomprou, & Simosi, 2016). Although there is considerable evidence that employees often request some idiosyncratic term in their employment relationship, there is scarce research regarding the process underlying such requests and offers. This results in a poor understanding of the mechanisms of granting and managing such arrangements (Coyle-Shapiro and Conway, 2015).
New Perspectives/ Contribution. This symposium explores these mechanisms to better understand the role of i-deals. In the first paper, Bal and Vossaert provide evidence on a new scale development about aspects of i-deals that remain theorized. In the second paper, Chang, Coyle-Shapiro, and Kuo examine how psychological contracts and i-deal requests are linked through psychological needs in unfavorable conditions. The third paper by Aldossari approaches international assignments as i-deals initiated by the organization, which may create repatriates’ expectations for future i-deals. In the fourth paper, Kossek offers a much-needed multilevel perspective of how work-family-related practices can be designed based on flexibility i-deal requests to reflect employees’ needs. The final paper by Simosi and Tomprou using policy capturing examines how i-deals and peer contributions affect managerial decision making about employee advancement. Violet Ho (University of Richmond), will be the symposium discussant. She will provide insights about the contributions of the papers in theory development and managerial practice.
Research/Practical implications. The symposium provides an advancement of under-developed aspects of i-deals ranging from theory development to measurement.


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