TH-P02-110 - Emotional Intelligence as a Moderator for Occupational Stress and Mental Health

Coping and social support
Poster Presentation
Thursday May 18   02:00 PM to 05:30 PM (3 hours 30 minutes)
O'Brien Foyer
Employee stress and burnout
Coping and social support
Emotional Intelligence as a Moderator for Occupational Stress and Mental Health
M.-H. Lin*, Y. J. Lai 1
1Sunway Berhad, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Content: Content: PurposeThis study explores the impact of different levels of EI have on the relationship between occupational stressand mental health.Methodology120 full-time working Malaysians from various industries participated in a survey design using SchutteEmotional Intelligence Scale, Job Stress Survey and Depression Anxiety Stress Scale.ResultsEI and occupational stress significantly predict mental health (depression, anxiety, general-stress).Hierarchical moderated regression tested EI as the moderator of occupational stress and mental health. EIsignificantly moderated the relationship between occupational stress and depression after controlling forindividual predictors. Surprisingly, simple slope analysis shows similar patterns for high and low EI but differfor people moderate in EI. For moderates, occupational stress does not seem to affect depressed feelings.For general stress and anxiety, EI was not a moderator.LimitationsThe processes of those moderate in EI to explain the insignificant relationship between stress and mentalhealth is needed.ImplicationsWhile occupational stress increased problems with mental health, EI seems to be only important forlowering depression. Hence, EI intervention for employees’ well-being should focus on differentcomponents of employees’ mental health. Moreover, in some contexts having moderate EI rather than highEI might be beneficial.ValueWhile pros and cons of low versus high EI exist, this study suggests that focusing on moderate EI may bebeneficial. Future research should on focus on the curvilinear relationship between EI and wellbeing.Disclosure of Interest: None


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