Dr. Matthew J. Kerry

Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Federal Institute of Technology (ETH-Zurich)
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After double-majoring in Psychology and Economics at Emory University in 2008, I attended Georgia Tech for my PhD in Quantitative-Organizational Psychology until 2014. Thereafter, I continue my PostDoctoral Research Associate appointment at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH, 2014-current).


My research pertains to substantive methods with applications within the health sciences domain.


Substantive methods complements practical theory and includes novel use of design-measurement-analysis procedures. Substantive methods also advances such procedures, for example, as optimal design theory, item response measurement theory (IRT), and counterfactual analytics.


I apply substantive methods broadly within the health sciences domain. Rooted in my MS Thesis on interprofessional education (IPE), my topical research has developed to link patient safety with population wellbeing. Patient-centricity and quality-of-life (QoL) continue to figure prominently in my research. Most recent, my research interests pertain to IRT-measurement advances in patient-reported outcomes (PROs).


Sessions in which Dr. Matthew J. Kerry participates

Thursday May 18, 2017

10:15 AM
10:15 AM
  • Session 25
  • E1.19
  •  1 hour   3 sub sessions
  • Oral Presentation
    Measurement and psychometrics
10:30 AM

Friday May 19, 2017

3:00 PM
3:00 PM

Saturday May 20, 2017

11:00 AM
11:00 AM