Symposium 1022 - New Advancements In Workplace Bullying, Part 2: Insights In Workplace Cyberbullying And Outcomes Of Workplace Bullying

Bullying and harassment
Thursday May 18   01:15 PM to 02:45 PM (1 hour 30 minutes)
Conflict in organizations
Bullying and harassment
NEW ADVANCEMENTS IN WORKPLACE BULLYING, PART 2: Insights in workplace cyberbullying and outcomes of workplace bullying
E. Baillien 1,*, W. Van den Brande 1 2 3
1Research Center of Work and Organisation Studies, KU Leuven, Brussels, 2Occupational & Organisational Psychology and Professional Learning, KU Leuven, 3Knowlegde Information and Research (KIR), IDEWE, Leuven, Belgium
Main Abstract Content: State of the Art: Over the last decades, work and organisational scholars have increasingly investigated the aspect of workplace bullying. Bullying has become an important topic for societies and organisations as studies showed its detrimental impact on employees’ health, well-being and work attitudes. To date, workplace bullying is generally studies from a ‘face-to-face’ perspective.
New Perspectives/Contributions: This symposium aims to add to existing knowledge regarding the phenomenon and the consequences of bullying. First, bullying is not to be regarded as limited to face-to-face contact, but could also be experienced or enacted online. Second, more advanced studies shed new light on the conditions for negative outcomes (i.e. legislation, power imbalance) and on very scarcely investigated third parties impacted by the bullying (i.e. bystanders and family). These new avenues in bullying research are presented through the various studies that are part of this symposium. 
Research/Practical implications: This symposium expands the workplace bullying literature by (1) exploring a recently new phenomenon, called workplace cyberbullying, and (2) investigating relatively new outcomes of workplace bullying. These new insights adds to a throughout knowledge about the phenomenon, and offer leads to practitioners in preventing its negative impact.


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