Fr-SYM-1888-2 - Injury Experience, Sources of Interpersonal Support, and Mental Health

Leadership and followership
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Leadership and management
Leadership and followership
Injury Experience, Sources of Interpersonal Support, and Mental Health
N. Turner 1,*, P. F. Bruning 2, M. S. Hershcovis 1, S. Granger 1
1University of Calgary, Calgary, 2University of New Brunswick at Fredericton, Fredericton, Canada
Main Abstract Content: Purpose: To estimate the extent to which interpersonal stressors from different organizational sources (co-workers, supervisors, senior managers) affected the job-related physical health of non-injured and injured employees who had returned to workDesign/Methodology: Organizational records of lost-time work injuries over a six-year period were matched with employee perceptions of interpersonal stressors and job-related physical health at the end of the six-year period. The study sample consisted of two types of employees: employees who reported a lost-time work-related injury and returned to work during this six-year period (n = 433 cases; “injured employees”) and employees who neither reported a work-related injury nor lost work time because of an injury during this same period (n = 954 controls; “non-injured employees”).Results: Compared to non-injured employees, injured employees reported a stronger relationship between co-workers as stressors and job-related physical health. There were no differential relationships between injured and non-injured employees on either supervisors as stressors or senior managers as stressors on job-related physical health.Research Implications: We use social impact theory to explain these findings, and discuss the consequences of the results for post-injury interventions and return-to-work programs in organizations.Originality/Value: To our knowledge this is the first study to consider how different sources of interpersonal stressors after return-to-work interact with injury status to predict job-related physical health. In a literature that traditionally looks only at leadership as a social influence on employee safety, we set up a fair tournament among the social influences of co-workers, supervisors, and senior managers in influencing physical health of injured workers.

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