Fr-OR-S97-1 - Not For The Faint Of Heart? How To Promote Health In New Entrepreneurs

Self-employment and Entrepreneurship
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Friday May 19   03:00 PM to 03:15 PM (15 minutes)
Entrepreneurship/Self employment
Self-employment and Entrepreneurship
Not for the faint of heart? How to promote health in new entrepreneurs
I. Chadwick 1,*, J. Raver 2
1Concordia University, Montreal, 2Queen's University, Kingston, Canada
Content: Purpose
Entrepreneurship is a challenging occupation that involves an extreme workload and many risks of business failure. Facing these types of stressors can come at a high price for entrepreneurs’ health. While research suggests that entrepreneurs must find ways to cope with stress to persevere as entrepreneurs, much less is known about what enables entrepreneurs to do so. The goal of this research was to investigate how new entrepreneurs respond to the stress involved in starting up a business, and how their social support and motivation influence their stress reaction relevant for their health and business success. Recognizing that men and women may respond differently to the stress inherent in entrepreneurship, we also look at gender differences in coping.
We surveyed 108 first-time entrepreneurs at three different time points during their first year of business. We analyzed our time-lagged data with path analytical methods using Mplus.
The majority of our hypotheses were supported, indicating that social support and entrepreneurial motives influence the stress response of male and female entrepreneurs, albeit in different ways.
Further testing is required to see if more experienced entrepreneurs react similarly to these coping mechanisms.
Research/Practical Implications
New entrepreneurs should manage their motives for starting a new business and seek out social support to better cope with stress.
The relationship between stress and wellbeing has not been well established within the field of entrepreneurship. We shed light on this situation, particularly regarding how entrepreneurs can cope with stress.

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