Fr-OR-S97-2 - Towards A Conceptual Framework For The Career Development Of The Solo Self-Employed Worker

Self-employment and Entrepreneurship
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Friday May 19   03:15 PM to 03:30 PM (15 minutes)
Entrepreneurship/Self employment
Self-employment and Entrepreneurship
Towards a conceptual framework for the career development of the solo self-employed worker
S. M. Van Den Groenendaal*, D. Kooij, C. Freese, R. Poell
Content: In Europe, the labor market has become more flexible and the number of solo self-employed workers has increased. In response to this change in the labor market, governments and organizations increasingly emphasize that workers are responsible and expected to proactively manage their career. However, little is known about the career development of the solo self-employed worker, because insights from research on careers and from entrepreneurship literature so far have not been combined.
This study aims to progress entrepreneurship research by integrating literature on career and entrepreneurship to (1) identify stages of the entrepreneurial solo self-employed career, (2) identify types of proactive behavior among solo self-employed workers aimed at a) sustained entrepreneurship and b) professional development, and (3) develop a future research agenda to extend our knowledge on the entrepreneurial career of the solo self-employed worker.                   
In this conceptual study we reviewed and integrated the literature on careers and entrepreneurship. We developed a conceptual framework in which both disciplines are integrated and reflect career stages and proactive behavior of the solo self-employed worker aimed at sustained entrepreneurship and professional development. Our conceptual framework consists of five consecutive career stages each characterized by different concerns, relationships, and challenges with consequent types of proactive behaviour of the individual. However, future research should examine and validate this framework in practice.          
Since no conceptual framework on the career development of the solo self-employed worker has been developed yet, this study addresses the challenges put forward by the changing labor market and advances entrepreneurship research. 

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