Sa-OR-S107-4 - Mere-Listening Effect On Creativity And The Mediating Role Of Psychological Safety

Outcomes of constructive/destructive leadership
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Leadership and management
Outcomes of constructive/destructive leadership
Mere-Listening Effect on Creativity and the Mediating Role of Psychological Safety
D. Castro*, K. Lloyd, F. Anseel, A. Kluger
Content: Mere-Listening Effect on Creativity and the Mediating Role of Psychological Safety 
Purpose: To test if listening behavior positively impacts employees creativity and to test if that link is mediated by psychological safety.
Design/Methodology: We present five studies.  First, in Study 1 and Study 2 we investigate the direct link between supervisor listening and employee creativity, both with a correlational field study free of a mono-method bias, and with a scenario experiment testing the effect of perceived listening on an objective measure of creative performance.  Next, we conducted a field study (Study 3), a panel study (Study 4), and a scenario experiment (Study 5) to test the mediation model.
 Results: We found evidence for the hypothesized effects using self-report, supervisor-report and objective measures of creativity, while excluding alternative explanations such as reversed causality.  We also meta-analyzed the results of all five studies for the effect of listening on creativity, listening increased creativity on average,  = .29, 95% CI [.08; .47], z = 2.65, p = .008.  
Limitations: First, except Study 2 and Study 5 (scenario experiments), the reported studies are correlational and, therefore the ability to infer causality is limited. Second, Study 3 through Study 5 used self-report measures of creativity, which may suffer from self-enhancement bias.
Research/Practical Implications: Trainings in organizations focusing on common elements of listening can help develop employee creativity.
Originality/Value: Together, our results suggest supervisor listening might be an underrated aspect of managing teams or employees that holds promise to foster creativity.


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