Symposium 1944 - How To Promote Organizational Health? The Role Of Organizational And Individual Determinants

Saturday May 20   10:15 AM to 11:15 AM (1 hour)
Accenture Theatre
Positive organizational behaviour
How to Promote Organizational Health? The Role of Organizational and Individual Determinants
M.-H. Gilbert 1,*, M. Malo 2
1Management, Université Laval, Québec, 2Psychologie, Université de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Canada
Main Abstract Content: State of the art
Maintaining a productive and healthy workforce appears to be a challenge considering the many changes organizations are facing (Kowalski, Loretto & Redman, 2015). It is now recognized that organizational health has to be considered through an integrated approach, which considers both the promotion of psychological health and work performance (Stendfors-Hayes et al., 2014). To that end, the different factors that promote both outcomes still remain to be explored and validated.
New perspectives/contributions
This symposium brings together four papers that shed light on different drivers promoting organizational health. The first two papers focus on organizational determinants. More specifically, Dagenais-Desmarais, Gilbert and Provost-Savard identify which psychosocial determinants specifically predict well-being, burnout or both. Dextras-Gauthier and Marchand show how different types of organizational cultures are associated to well-being. At the individual level, Boivin, Aubin and Malo focus on the process by which resilience is related to well-being and task performance. Finally, Montani and Courcy present the relationship between role overload and innovative work behavior and the role of work engagement and mindfulness in this process.
Research/Practical implications
Using different methods and data analyses (e.g., longitudinal, multilevel), this symposium allows for a better understanding of organizational and individual determinants to enhance organizational health. Results suggest some action levers to enable changes towards better organizational health.

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