Sa-OR-S123-3 - Learning And Staff Professional Development: Axis For Governmental Innovation

Training and development
Oral Presentation
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15 minutes
Intel Theatre
Human resource management
Training and development
Learning and staff professional development: Axis for governmental innovation
S. Santiago-Estrada*, D. Castro-Medina 1
1Psychology, University of Puerto Rico, SAn Juan, Puerto Rico
Content: Innovations in organizations, especially in the public sector, can be implemented only if the people involved consider them as needed, wanted and reachable. Furthermore, the mobilization towards change would be attained if the human resources have the competencies- knowledge, skills and values- to achieve the level of performance required for the innovations. This presentation is intended to share how the Puerto Rico Department of Treasury (PRDT) has inserted the equation training-learning-innovation in its transformative program focused on the provision of quality services for the citizens and to achieve the economic solvency of the public finances. The complexity to attain both goals proposes a challenge for the PRDT.  As one of the strategies, we will point out the design of the Institute for Professional Training and Development for the 2,537 employees of the Department. A comprehensive needs assessment was conducted within the diversity of divisions of the PRDT. The results of the needs assessment and the projections for the sustainability of the Institute will be shared.  PRDT is one of the few governmental agencies allocating resources for the systematic training of its employees.  The value added of this initiative lies in the formation of a cadre of internal and external resources, experts in content and processes, who will be in charge of training. Also, the PRDT is building a strong alliance with the academy (University of Puerto Rico) to keep the Institute updated and responsive to the learning needs of their employment body, confronting uncertainty and a demanding fiscal/political environment. 


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