Sa-OR-S124-2 - Aspects Of Precarious Employment For Work Psychologists In Austria

Temporary Employment
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Saturday May 20   10:30 AM to 10:45 AM (15 minutes)
Employment relations
Temporary Employment
Aspects of precarious employment for work psychologists in Austria
L. Hopfgartner 1,*, C. Seubert 1, J. Glaser 1
1Deparment of Psychology, University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria
Content: Purpose
Work psychologists are trained to analyze and evaluate psychological stressors and to derive effective interventions to promote healthy workplaces. Therefore, they play a crucial role in today’s work systems. In contrast to safety specialists and occupational physicians, however, the occupational profile of work psychologists is not clearly defined by Austrian law. In addition, research suggests that atypical employment is common among Austrian work psychologists. In our study, we identified specific aspects of an insecure and undefined occupational profile and hypothesized a positive association with role ambiguity, which was supposed to affect psychological wellbeing negatively. Consequently, we examined the mediating function of role ambiguity in this context.
N=31 experts (practitioners, social partners, policy makers) were interviewed and results were subjected to qualitative content analysis. Salient topics served as a base for an Austria-wide online survey study with N = 122 participating work psychologists.
Regression and mediation analyses supported the assumed associations in general and the mediating function of role ambiguity in particular.
Future studies need to validate the aspects of an insecure and undefined occupational profile identified in this study. Furthermore, the cross-sectional design cannot rule out alternative causal pathways.
Research/Practical Implications
The results highlight the importance of a more clearly defined occupational profile for work psychologists. We discuss viable approaches to improve working conditions for work psychologists in Austria.
To our knowledge, no other study has examined specific risks of precarity for work psychologists in Austria.


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