SA-P01-065 - Two in one?! Job dissatisfaction of multiple jobbers as a matter of information access

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Employment relations
Flexible work hours
Two in one?! Job dissatisfaction of multiple jobbers as a matter of information access
M. U. Kottwitz 1,*, L. Hünefeld 2, B. P. Frank 1, K. Otto 1
1Work and Organizational Psychology, Philipps University of Marburg, Marburg, 2German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA), Dortmund, Germany
Content: Purpose Since the last decades, the working context has changed a lot implying positive as well as negative consequences for the workforce. Rising demands on flexibility lead to the necessity to coordinate personal and professional life. Therefore, it is important that the incumbents are in possession of all necessary information. Moreover, atypical forms of employment have substantially increased in the labor market; one such form is holding more than one job. While the motives might differ from needing an additional income to broadening job opportunities, practicing several jobs requires coordination and thus, being informed. We expect the paucity of information to be positively related to job (facets) dissatisfaction, whereas this effect should be stronger for multiple as compared to single jobbers.
Design/Methodology Data refer to the BiBB/BAuA-Employment-Survey. We analyzed data of 17,782 German employees; including 1,084 multiple jobbers (59% female). Job dissatisfaction was measured via a global single-item measure and via employees’ satisfaction with various facets of their work. Paucity of information was measured by two Items referring to the frequency of lacked information.
Results Multiple regression analyses confirmed our hypotheses.
Limitations The BiBB/BAuA-Employment-Survey is a cross-sectional study and in that allows for many alternative explanations of the observed effects. Moreover, variables were only studied for the self-prescribed “main-job”.
Research/Practical Implications In line with our results, providing all necessary information enables incumbents to stay satisfied; especially when they hold multiple jobs.
Originality/Value This is the first study examining the paucity of information within the scope of holding multiple jobs.


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