Th-SYM-2111-2 - Development of an I-deals Motivation and Management Measure

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Thursday May 18   11:30 AM to 12:30 PM (1 hour)
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Employment relations
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Development of an I-deals Motivation and Management Measure
(presentation in EAWOP2017-SYMPOSIUM-2111
M. Bal 1,*, L. Vossaert 2
1Lincoln International Business School, University of Lincoln, Lincoln, United Kingdom, 2Personnel Management, Work and Organizational Psychology, Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium
Purpose.The purpose of the current study is to develop and validate a new measure of i-deals. More specifically, it aims to introduce measures for two key aspects of the i-deal negotiation process: the motivations that employees have to negotiate i-deals and the management of i-deals in the aftermath of the negotiation process. While current i-deals measures are available, they are aimed at measuring either content (e.g., development or pay) or timing of i-deals (before or after hire). Mixed findings adopting these measures indicate that other aspects of i-deals might play a role, such as i-deal management and motives. On the basis of earlier work, we define two motives for i-deal negotiation, namely growth and accommodation.
Design/Methodology. Three studies among a variety of employees in the Netherlands (study 1-3) and a two-wave study among an international sample (study 4) were conducted in which the three new measures were developed, tested, and validated. With these four studies content, discriminant, convergent as well as predictive validity are evaluated.
Results. The results show the reliability and validity of the new measures. They are distinct from existing i-deals measures and relate to theoretically relevant predictors and outcomes.
Limitations. All studies were based on self-report measures.
Research/Practical Implications. The study presents the new measures, which can be used by both researchers and practitioners in determining why people negotiate i-deals, and how they are managed.
Originality/Value. The study is the first one to test measures of i-deals motivation and management.

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