Fr-SYM-2121-3 - Eldercare Employees' Job Crafting: Developing Wellbeing And Quality Of Care

Organizational commitment and identification
Friday May 19   01:15 PM to 02:15 PM (1 hour)
Positive organizational behaviour
Eldercare employees' job crafting: developing wellbeing and quality of care
K. Westerberg 1, M. Romeo  2,*, M. Nordin 1, M. Yepes-Baldó 2
1Umeå University, Department of Psychology, Umeå, Sweden, 2University of Barcelona, Department of Psychology, Barcelona, Spain
Main Abstract Content: Purpose: To study the effects of job crafting activities of eldercare employees, on their perceived wellbeing and quality of care in two European countries, Spain and Sweden.
Methodology: The Job Crafting Questionnaire (JCQ) (Slemp & Vella-Brodrick, 2013), the General Health Questionnaire (Goldberg, 1972), and the Quality of Care questionnaire (Westerberg & Tafvelin, 2014) were administered to 530 employees. Correlations and hierarchical regression analyses were performed.
Results: Results confirm the effects of job crafting on quality of care (r = .291, p<.01, β=.261, p<.01) and employees’ wellbeing (r =.201, p<.01, β =.171, p<.01,). A positive linear relationship was found between job crafting and wellbeing in Spain and Sweden, and with quality of care in Spain. Contrary, in Sweden the relationship between job crafting and wellbeing was not linear. The managers’ span of control in Swedish eldercare is rather large which in turn would imply that the staff has to work more independently and take on more responsibilities. In contrast, the span of control in Spain is smaller than in Sweden. In this sense, job crafting is presumably necessary and successful in the Swedish context, but perhaps other factors related to the span of control, such as high workload, much responsibility and many organizational changes level out the effect.
Practical implications/Value: Job crafting contributes significantly to employees’ and residents’ wellbeing. Management should promote job crafting in order to co-create meaningful and productive work, providing training opportunities to teach employees about job crafting.


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