Sa-OR-S135-3 - How To Increase Positive Outcomes By Organizational Practices And Transformational Leadership Through Resilience: A Multilevel Study.

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Positive organizational behaviour
How to increase positive outcomes by organizational practices and transformational leadership through resilience: A multilevel study.
I. Meneghel*, M. Salanova 1
1Universitat Jaume I, Castellón de la Plana, Spain
Content: Purpose: This multilevel study explores the predicting role of healthy organizational practices (OP) and transformational leadership (TL) on resilience at work, as well as it tests the mediation role of resilience between OP and TL with positive outcomes. The hypotheses are tested at team and organizational level.
Design/Methodology: A sample of 1169 employees, clustered in 152 teams from 38 SMEs, filled out the questionnaires about perceptions of team’s TL and organizational resilience. Moreover, 152 team’s supervisors filled out the questionnaires about team resilience and team performance, together with OP. Finally, 2272 costumers report about their satisfaction with organizational service.
Results: Hierarchical linear modeling highlighted that: a) shared team perceptions of TL are positively related to team resilience; b) team resilience mediates the relation between TL and performance at team level; c) healthy OP are positively related to organizational resilience; and d) organizational resilience mediates the relation between OP and costumers’ satisfaction.
Limitations: Cross-sectional data from a convenience sample.
Research/Practical Implications: As research implications, highlight the relevance of resilience as mediator between multilevel antecedents of positive outcomes and the effort in advancing the theory at the team and organizational level by adding a multilevel perspective. At a practical level, results suggest that interventions to develop TL and implement OP may increase resilience at work, which in turn is positive related with positive team and organizational outcomes.
Originality/Value: Multilevel regression analyses take into account the potential organizational membership effects. Data was derived from different sources.

Universitat Jaume I

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