Sa-OR-S136-1 - Group and individual psychodiagnostics of psychological safety resources in a small team of specialists

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Occupational and organizational safety
Risk and safety management
Group and individual psychodiagnostics of psychological safety resources in a small team of specialists
E. Meshcheryakova 1,*, N. Kozlova 1, T. Levitskaya 1, S. Bogomaz 1, L. Mareeva 1, I. Atamanova 1, O. Panferova 1, V. Matsuta 1, S. Litvina 1
1National Research Tomsk State University, Tomsk, Russian Federation
Content: Purpose
Professional activity in workplaces implying a high risk of emergency situations is tightly connected with the issues of professional suitability and occupational health, psychological safety being viewed as one of their key aspects. In addition, such workplaces often deal with small teams of specialists, so conventional statistics-based methods of personnel assessment may not result in clear outcomes. The aim of this study was to develop a complex psychodiagnostic tool for examining small samples and evaluate psychological safety recourses in specialists employed in an explosion-and-fire-hazardous workplace.
Taking into account an integral nature of psychological safety, we combined six psychodiagnostic techniques (hardiness, self-organization of activity, psychological well-being, ambiguity tolerance, neuro-mental tension and health under extreme conditions) into a psychodiagnostic package. We also applied case analysis and graphical data visualization techniques to identify deviations in the study participants’ psychological indicators.
Standard statistical methods of evaluating psychological qualities showed that the study participants were on average suitable for executing professional activity under extreme conditions. However, case analysis and bagplot analysis enabled us to specify three groups of specialists depending on their risk of maladjustment to meet the requirements for explosion-and-fire hazardous workplaces.
Research/Practical Implications
The results from this study allow further research into psychological safety resources at hazardous workplaces and can be applicable for conducting effective personnel assessment in small teams using the psychodiagnostic model developed.
This study seems to be the first one applying case analysis and bagplot analysis to evaluating work-related psychological characteristics in small teams of specialists.


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